Broken Moon

Drudging Up the Past

Dekhaim Balust
It’s been several days since I’ve visited you last, journal. Many things have happened since we’ve last spoken. Thanks to the efforts of the group at large, along with some very convincing court events due to the Professor, we’ve managed to secure The Bea- I apologize, Taerien’s- freedom.

Parva would murder me if he were to find me referring to Taerien as a simple construct.

Proceeding court being adjourned after Taerien’s final day of trials, Parva found out that he was going to return to his home. Upon visiting the judge with a new face from Taco’s friend Lorenzo, (Remember to ask why your false name is the same as this strange wizard’s…) I found out that in a previous life, I was a scientist associated with whatever organization that the kind Judge is a part of. Combining a bit of what I’ve found in the journal and a bit of what Daramid has told us, I felt as if I needed to hide who I was from certain individuals.

Judge Daramid soon sent us on a quest to search for a Count Caromarc, a man living in his own secluded castle nestled into a cliff face. Facing trolls, constructs, and flying, screeching gorilla heads over two days did little to deter us from finding this man. One fateful reunion with Taerian later, after he had propelled the final spider bodied Golem into the rapids below, we found the count. Parva and I had many questions for the man. Parva’s interests were purely academic, but mine were more personal. Careful to not reveal my true nature, I began to probe into his involvement with this secret society, the young lady we found captive next to him in the tower, and finally I brought up a passage in the journal I found in my shared laboratory. I mentioned specifically the places beyond and between the stars.

I was immediately met with an icy stare and suddenly was met with a few questions of my own. He demanded to know where I had heard of such a thing, if the name “Dekhaim Balust” has ever crossed my path. Of course, I denied any and all claims of being associated with my name. I explained that I had found it in a journal left by the professor, and the journal was safely in Lepidstadt. After I had answered these questions, he seemed to calm down slightly. He went on to explain that Professor Dekhaim Balust performed terrible experiments, terrible even to a man who played God. The young man, William Randolph-Carter, was apparently just a “subject.” I had attracted the attention of the wrong sort of people, and was punished for what I had wrought. I know not if that caused my death, or if I had died later.

During that conversation, I learned several important things. However, the most important fact that I learned about my past self was I had a family. Two children, and a wife. She left me, left Dekhaim after everything that had transpired. My children grew up without a father. They were shamed because of the things that I had done.

What did I do?


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