Broken Moon

Prometheus' Fall

The guardian of the tower fallen in battle with a swarm of black puddings, the group continued their advance across the bridge and into the final building of Schloss Caromarc. Inside, they found much the same scene as before, with the bent, destroyed cage taking up the center of the room with alchemical supplies and papers scattered haphazardly across the floor. A quick search turned up a sheaf of papers bearing designs of some strange device along with notes in a cramped, unreadable hand. Kendra, with her skill in linguistics, was able to decipher them as reading “The Storm Caller must be activated to energize the Bondslave Thrall.” Beyond those cryptic words, the paper held no other clues.
Moving upward, the party encountered a trapdoor in the ceiling made from a solid block of pure adamantine. Not blind to such an object’s worth, Parva started dismantling the hinges and loading it onto Banjo’s back while Yuuko, Kendra, and Dekhaim climbed in the next room. This chamber was filled from top to bottom with odd, dry spider webs coating every surface. Dekhaim ignited them with a small spell, and the group evacuated temporarily, then reentered when the webs had all burnt away. Without the obstructions, they were able to see on a wall, almost completely rubbed away, the remains of a small chalk drawing depicting a strange device along with some scratched words not even Kendra could read. With another spell allowing him to comprehend strange and esoteric languages, Dekhaim deciphered a short passage stating that the Bondslave Thrall could be used to call to and control the Beast, and also that both it and the Storm Caller were located at the top of the tower.
While Dekhaim worked his magic on the chalk drawings, Yuuko’s attention was grabbed by a small wooden man who tugged at her ankles until she bent down to converse with it. The tiny construct was unable to speak, but articulated through gestures that danger lay in the floor above. Parva produced a writing instrument and a sheaf of blank papers from his alchemy kit, and it was revealed that the small wooden man could, indeed, write, albeit in a cramped, scratchy hand. The homunculus, as Doctor Rigeuer astutely identified it, wrote out that its master, presumably Count Caromarc, was trapped upstairs with a very dangerous creature guarding him, and asked for the group’s help in freeing him.
Understanding that they would likely need the Beast’s help facing such a foe, Parva downed an experimental mutagen and immediately grew a pair of leathery, batlike wings, which he used to fly to the top of the tower. There, followed by Sterbird, he was able to blindly activate the Storm Caller, which caused black, rumbling storm clouds to suddenly roll in and form around the top of the tower, showering the lightning rod with bursts of electricity. The Bondslave Thrall, which was a bizarre, intricate ass filled with purple liquid, siphoned energy from the Storm Caller via a series of tubes, and the liquid within began to boil. Once again, Parva was able to blindly activate the device, and was immediately aware of the Beast, Taerien’s location outside the castle. Parva called mentally to his friend, and the golem responded in turn, reaching the top of the tower in a series of superhuman leaps, and gathering up the half-elf in his massive arms for a big hug.
Parva explained the situation and, using Sterbird as a kind of one-way phone to contact the rest of the group, came up with a plan. Tataco and Taerien would enter the room at roughly the same time, catching the creature within by surprise. The Beast would then rush into the monster, hopefully knocking it through the wall and into the rapids far below. Without delay, Tataco and Parva threw open their respective trapdoors, and the former rushed into the room.
What he saw was unexpectedly horrifying, even for an experiment. The Aberrant Promethean had the lower body of a massive spider, and the upper body of an overmuscled humanoid, with four tentacles waving and undulating from its knotted back. Though it had fourteen limbs in total, the creature required only one arm to scoop up Tataco in its hand and transfer him to a tentacle, which wrapped around his neck and began delivering electric shocks. This made their original plan to send the Promethean falling to its death below more difficult, and Yuuko also entered the room to try to cut Tataco free. Meanwhile, Kendra began summoning a large bison to help with the push, while Dekhaim cast a spell to transform the entire wall behind the monster into clay, greatly reducing its structural integrity.
Yuuko’s plan to cut Taco free was cut short as she too was scooped up by a giant hand and held in the creature’s grip. Banjo, who had also entered the room, could only stand by and watch as the two struggled in its grip. All was not lost, however, as Yuuko caught onto Banjo and Tataco had Sterbird drape his magical rope of climbing across the room, tying one end to Taco’s arm and the other to the ladder across from them. Thus secured, he grabbed onto Yuuko, who still held onto bear as Taerien dropped down into the chamber. Kendra finished summoning the bison at the same time and, together, they rushed into the Promethean with superhuman force. Though the bison proved no match for the creature’s strength, the Beast’s muscles bulged powerfully as he slammed into the creature, the sheer raw power of the blow driving it through the clay wall and into the air beyond. Yuuko and Tataco, secured by rope and bear, slipped out of its appendages as, with a final scream, the Promethean fell into the rapids below. The fall was not enough to kill it, however, and its screams echoed throughout the canyon as the river swept it away.
At this point, the group investigated the two items dominating the room, a large bell jar holding a sleeping woman suspended in blue liquid, and a metal idol with two eye holes, through which blinked a pair of terrified eyes. The idol, once opened, produced a haggard and half-starved Count Caromarc, who thanked the group for their assistance, and promised a reward, but asked them to be on their way as soon as possible. After Parva made his identity as a professor of Alchemy known, however, he grudgingly invited them to stay the night and leave in the morning.
So it was that Parva and Dekhaim met with Alpon Caromarc in his smoking room and spoke of many things. Dekhaim, through indirect questioning, learned much of the previous “Dekhaim Balust”, though Caromarc was extremely reticent on the matter. For his part, Parva asked about the experiments, learning that the Count was working up to his ultimate project, the resurrection of his beloved wife, dead shortly after they married. He had almost perfected the body, the same one they saw in the bell jar, but had not yet discovered a way to recover his wife’s mind, and so was considering simply raising the clone as his own daughter for what little time he had left. All three men of science, though Dekhaim had not known that about himself until recently, they talked well into the night, while Taerien, informed that the trolls outside were not the new gatekeepers and had no business being there, dealt with those unwelcome guests.
Afterward, the party all took beds on the upper floors and fell asleep, their mission complete and plans laid to return to Lepidstadt on the morrow.


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