Broken Moon

A New Experience

With noticeable awkwardness, Yuuko looked to the young woman next to her.
“I’ve never done anything like this before, Lady Kendra. It seems so…”, Yuuko searched for the right word. She’d seen other women do it on several occasions and was admittedly curious to try, but somehow never imagined herself in this situation.
Not being Kendra’s first time, she fully understood what the Tian girl was feeling. “Shh”, she started playfully, raising a finger to the Yuuko’s lips. “Just do what I do. It gets easier with practice.” With a knowing wink, Kendra stood and turned to take several assured steps across the shop’s floor before turning back to her companion. “See?”
“You didn’t even fall once!”
“Well, that is the idea”, Kendra assured her with a friendly laugh. “Come on, now. Your turn~”
Yuuko looked to her feet at the strange shoes called “heels” she was wearing for the first time. Almost wishing she could wear them without actually having to walk in them, she decided—after seeing Kendra move in them so gracefully—it might be fun after all.

Several minutes later…

“Will that be all for you today, miss?”, the saleswoman asked cordially.
Yuuko turned her head to Kendra hesitantly. The taller woman smiled and gave a reassuring nod back.
“Well, we were wondering… since we have a friend who couldn’t make it today… do you have anything about five times larger? Oh, without heels, of course.”


Gamble_Kuma ZFel

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