Broken Moon

A New Companion

A tiny set of ears perked up.
What’s all this racket? Surely no one would be so inconsiderate as to wake me with a swordfight… although that is precisely how it sounds. Probably just that buffoon putting some evil creature to rest again. Yes, it should be over soon enough. Then I can go back to… hmm, what’s this? Sounds like he’s losing… and not to anything apparently malevolent. In any case, it sounds like I’m still safe and sound in here… if that fool gets himself beaten, it’s none of my concern.
There was a pounding through the nearby wall accompanied by shouting.
Seems I’m not the only one trying to get some shut-eye. Those fools really should be considerate of those of us trying to nap. Well, seems they’ve settled down now. Good, good.
The tiny head nodded a couple of times, then nodded off to sleep…

But then the light rushed in and the tiny fox awoke in a panic. He shot out of the sheath that had been so warm and safe only moments before to the first cover he could find.
Apparently it’s a girl. Well, she is warm, so it’s fine—even if she doesn’t smell too bright. She just needs to stop squirming; I think I found a nice spot already… Good, she’s stopped fussing about. That was easy. Hold on, what was that? Was the sword… talking to her? This girl? Hmm, that could mean she may not be so dull after all. Still, best not to jump to conclusions. Especially at nap time.
As he tried to doze off again, the girl resumed her squirming and the pipefox let out a tiny, annoyed sigh.
Why can’t she just leave me be? Do they really always have to make things so difficult?
A tiny head poked out from the top of Yuuko’s shirt.
A tiny, yet commanding voice asked with unmasked annoyance, “Would you settle down already? It’s naptime!”
The eyes looking back at him lit up with surprise in recognition of the creature.
“Kanko!” °o°
So this girl is Tien, like the man. Interesting. But not worth skipping naptime over.
“That’s right, I’m a pipefox, and a rather busy one at that, so if you could just…”
“I’m Yuuko! What’s your name?”
Ugh, it wanted to talk…
“You don’t have one?”
“No, I didn’t say that…”
“Then, let’s see… how about… Kan-bo? Perfect!”
It’s clearly pleased with itself. Wait a minute, that’s like a name for a child! No, no, that won’t do at all.
“Now look here, I never said…”
“Cuuuuute!” (^v^)
…it’s already nuzzling me… v . v
“Hey, cut that ou—!”
“Oh, we should get back to the others”.
She turned her head to a companion who had apparently been there all along.
“Let’s go, Mr. Barna”.
“Now liste—”
Before he could get another word, the girl gently pushed his tiny head back from where it came.
This one’s going to be a tailful… (=_=)
But, back in his warm and cozy place, the pipefox decided it’d be easier right now to get back to the very important task of taking his very important nap.


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